Life is a journey, it's a story made of lot's of different chapters. I used to think: "I'll take more pictures when my house is clean," or "I'll take more pictures when I loose the extra pounds," "when my son's missing tooth comes in," or "I have cute outfits for them all to wear..." and on, and on went the excuses.  How many excuses have you made for not photographing life?

My mother passed away a year after I got married and every year that goes by I realize how few photos we have of, and with her.  You know there's the ones when we were born, and on the random birthday, or christmas; but I long for many more!  I want to remember what it was like to crawl on her lap and feel her arms around me. I want to remember our walks to school, dinners at the table, our beach vacations, afternoons on the table doing homework. I want to remember every part of life that was touched by her.  

I can't turn back time and make that happen, but I can do it for me, for my family and for yours!  

Years from now you won't care about the extra pounds, the messy house, the mismatched outfit... But the hugs, the smiles, the laughter, the LOVE; you will want to remember THAT, you will want to remember all the little chapters in life!

Everyday Stories start at $599 and include up to 4hrs of shooting time and an 8x8 photo book. For complete package info send me a message, I would love to hear from you!  


Where will our session take place?
Everyday life session, usually take place at your home, or at very least, start there. That is usually where life takes place. However, any other location that you are familiar with and are able to feel at home at, will work as well.

Will you be posing us or telling us what to do?
No, my goal is to come and be another member of your family for the time I am with you. I come to observe and capture as you go about your day.  We may plan or talk about what activities you want for that time, but I will not be directing you during those activities.

What should we wear?
Whatever makes your heart sing!  No, really, there is no need to “dress-up.” Be comfortable be yourself, and let the kids do the same!

When will we receive our products?
Turnaround time for films is 6-8 weeks for films and 2-4 weeks for images only.  I like to take plenty of time working on each film, I want to make sure it’s just perfect for you! All your finished products are delivered within 90 days.

When should I book?
I only take a limited amount of sessions, so if this is something you’d like to do, soon is best!