"You're So Precious..."

I have started this blog, time and time again. The right words just fail me.  Some of you who know me and follow me on facebook, have surely heard about my adorable little nephew and his hard working little heart. For those of you who haven't, Beckham was diagnosed with HLHS a heart defect that required he have open heart surgery at only a few days old, and a couple of more in the next months and year.  His story has amazed us all and we are so in love with him, you can follow it on facebook at Beats for Beckham.


Seeing families grow is an absolutely amazing experience, nothing compares really, but witnessing my little brother's family grow was just THE BEST!!!!   After Beckham's diagnosis, all their plans for a home birth had to be abandoned, and Lindsey was faced with talk about cesareans, inductions, etc...  Beckham however had other plans  :)
He decided to spare his mommy the stress of all that and chose his own birth day 4 weeks before.  When he decided he was coming, there was no turning back, this little guy was ready to be in his mom's arms!
Lindsey was able to have the natural birth she had wanted for her little guy and she labored beautifully!


Lindsey and Beto, I hope you never forget how strong an amazing you are, I love you guys, and my lil' Becks!


OK, OK... (if you haven't already) you may click play now!!....  Oh, and don't forget to grab some tissues, trust me, you'll need them!  :)