Worth It All!!

I am so excited to share this session with you!! I say it every time (because it's true), I love capturing births.  This one in particular was extra special, I have known Jay and Amanda for several years now, and I remember when I posted pictures from the very first birth I photographed, Amanda sent me a message and said that whenever they had babies, they would want me to capture their birth!

This little guy is oh so loved!!  Amanda had an extremely difficult labor, but she did absolutely AMAZING!!!  She had a beautiful, home birth, surrounded by her family, and I am honored to have been the one to capture this event for them.

I am also, thrilled that Jay and Amanda were willing to share some of their images and their Birth Story Movie with everyone - Thank you guys!!

Enjoy, and grab a Kleenex before you hit play on that video!!

Levi from Ceci Jane on Vimeo.

The Birth Story of Baby Levi by www.cecijane.com