The Birth of Liam Brant

A few months ago I started training my good friend and now associate cinematographer Christina, remember? we showed you Ladori's Birth Story which we filmed together. Well, this one she captured all on her own, and I am so happy with all the great footage she captured, she made the editing go quite smoothly. It was very different editing a birth I didn't attend, but one thing was quite clear from reviewing all the footage... This woman is a ROCK!! She endured long hours of labor to bring her little one into the world, and even after having to be transferred she worked hard to welcome little Liam into their loving arms.

I love watching couples turn in to a family and couldn't be happier for this sweet little family. Liam was welcomed by his loving parents and surrounded by a wonderful birth team!

Congratulations Lindsay & Greg!!


Filmed by: Christina Bunger Edited by: Ceci Jane Music: Analog by Steven Gutheinz. Licensed through The Music Bed. Attended by the midwives at All About Babies Doula: Jamie Hinton