She's a Mommy!

Part of the joy I find in documenting such precious times in a family's life, is the inspiration I walk away with. Jennifer and Sam's 57 hour labor inspired me in ways I can't begin to express. While I wasn't there for all those hours, I did put in my good share of hours with them and LOVED every minute of it. There is something amazing about seeing a couples trust in the birth process, especially first time parents. Jennifer's trust in her body and Sam's constant support were a breath of fresh air... even in the wee hours of the morning. They were supported by a wonderful group of midwives, sweet friends, and their loving family. Ladori, your mommy worked hard to bring you into the world and she did it with so much grace, here is a glimpse at what that day(s) was like.

Filmed by: Christina & Ceci | Edited by: Ceci | Music: You are Gold by The Candlepark Stars. Licensed by The Music Bed. | Birth Team: Edenway Birthing Center

This film means something else for Ceci Jane, some of you know I have been training someone to join me in filming births. Well I am super proud to say, that while I was there to film this birth, my new associate Christina shot 90% of what you see. While I will continue to do all the editing, I am happy to say that there are now 2 of us available to film births and you can expect the same quality of work! This will not only allow us to have a "back up" but it will also allow us to take more births, which will in turn allow us to do it more affordably. More details to come soon, just had to share the basics, if you are interested in having Christina at your birth you can use the contact form to request more info.


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