Olivia Grace

I have come to realize that what I do attracts the most amazing people, couples who love each other and see the value in preserving such intimate special occasions as the day their babies come in to the world. So no surprise, James and Audrey are just a sweet, sweet couple. Their Doula and I kept anticipating their big day not just because we were excited to be a part of it, but because we knew we would be witnessing a great team! Audrey did such an amazing job through her contractions and the really tough moments right before Olivia arrived, and James was just the support she needed to help her through.

I am so excited to share with you the sweet arrival of Olivia Grace!

"Our decision to have Ceci film our birth was an easy one! Upon meeting her, I felt instantly at ease. The thought of someone videoing you at your most vulnerable moment can be nerve racking, but Ceci explained the process and answered any questions that we had. Throughout my pregnancy, we exchanged emails and updates on my baby's growth. She even gave me words of encouragement when my due date drew near!
During Olivia's birth, Ceci was so quiet and discrete that I even forgot she was there!! Words cannot describe how beautifully the video turned out. She captured candid moments of tenderness, warmth and joy among my new family. Each shot shows our anticipation, nervousness and relief of meeting our precious girl! The video was done in such a tasteful manner that I don't mind showing to anyone who is interested in watching.
Ceci gave us a wonderful gift, the ability to be in the moment rather than worrying about capturing it. I highly recommend Ceci for any of life's precious moments!"
- Audrey