More Submissions

A couple more submissions, for some quite deserving families. ;)

Meet John and Mary Lou!

John and I met on October 29, 2005 and we have been together and inseparable ever since. We have been married for 4 years now. In August of 2009, our little family was put to the test when we discovered John had cancer. He courageously fought and won his battle after surgery and radiation treatments and is currently cancer free!! After a year of trying to conceive we learned on Christmas week we were expecting. Truly the most wonderful Christmas gift of all. We truly believe we have been blessed with this little miracle coming into our lives. Our life is about to completely change and we are thrilled and a bit scared all at the same time.

As for our birth plan, our desire is to have a natural hospital birth. We will be taking Bradley Method Classes to help us attain this goal and to become informed in all our possible birthing options.

We would love the opportunity to have our birth story documented because we truly feel this will be one of the, if not, the most important moment in our lives. We want to cherish the moment and have a way to always remember details that otherwise would leave our memories. We know there is a possibility this may be our only child and we want to cherish every moment and make this the experience we hope for. We hope our story of trial and triumph through hardship and happiness can bring a smile to your face, as it has brought a smile to our hearts.

Thank you,

John and Mary Lou

Meet Kayla and her family!

So a bit about me and my last birth. It was pretty long ( 32 hours) with lots of drama My daughters head was tilted in the birth canal and so she couldn't get past my cervical lip with out chiropractic and eventually Christy Martins assistance. Once I finally pushed her out She took one breath and then went limp. I had no idea that this had happened since my husband kept me occupied by pushing my head down and telling me it was a girl (so I was spared from that image, but my mother, sister and husband were not) Christy gave her 3 rescue breaths and Lo came to and began breathing on her own! All was going well until I hemorrhaged. Christy and Cindy (being the AWESOME midwifes they are!) got it under control but then I decided to vomit and that force caused the clot to break and the hemorrhage to continue. Needless to say I was taken by ambulance to the hospital. AND all of this played out in front of my entourage.....My husband, mother, sister, best friend (6 weeks from having her own first baby) photographer friend, and family friend acting as doula.(My Step Father,brother in law, and two youngest sisters waiting outside the room.). I was released home later that night without needing any transfusions, and love to tell people that 12 hours after I delivered my baby I was home in my bed with my new little family!

I told you all this not so I could conjure up sympathy for me. I was and still am on a euphoric high from the experience! Being a former EMT I am so impressed with my midwives and how even though I lost a lot of blood I recovered so well due to their support and knowledge. I feel so accomplished that I (without being the psycho I thought I would be) went through that long of a labor and didn't ultimately give in to my fear that it would never end!

My poor family, not so much..... My mother who was with with me the entire time and then caught my limp baby, has suffered from PTS and has had nightmares. My husband was a basket case for weeks after all of that! I want this for them. I will have my redeeming birth with this child, I will have a water birth at home with my Husband, Midwife and my mother ( to help with Lorelei) only. God is Good and I trust that victory will be mine, but I would like to have such a beautiful documentation of my redeeming birth for my mother and husband and to show those who stayed, prayed, and wept for me and my child duing my first birth. I OF COURSE want it for me too! LOL I am trusting God that this birth will be very different from the last and He will alow my body to work as He created it to.



Thanks for your submissions ladies!!... I'm glad I won't be the one making the final selection, this would be very hard!! :)