Hope has a heart!!!

Back in May I had the privilege of filming the birth of Mandy and Jesse’s beautiful baby girl McKenzie. It was a happy day as they welcomed this gorgeous little girl into their family.However, concern about a lethargic baby soon turned to a 911 call and an effort to save baby McKenzie’s life! After arriving at the hospital, the situation again took a turn for the worse – and every families nightmare of long days in the hospital with a sick child soon became a very harsh reality. My heart was torn for them, and I wanted to help. So I offered to help by putting together this video for them to tell their story and spread the word, and raise funds. A family should never have to go through a nightmare like this, but when it does happen; it is a beautiful thing to see the support of good hearted people who are willing to help in any way possible, they have felt the support and prayers from family, friends and even complete strangers.

Here is McKenzie Hope's story and how you can help!

First – watch the video, meet sweet McKenzie, and hear her story.

Second – Help the family spread the word, share this video on FB, twitter and any social network you can.

Three - if you can, please donate to help McKenzie and her family.