Going to the gym…

A while back Ceci and I had the chance to shoot our first promo video! We had a lot of fun, although my interest in UFC probably means I enjoyed being around a MMA gym more than her. We had the opportunity to meet a coach by the name of Sina Hadad who is the owner of Ironside Martial Arts. Contrary to what you might think of someone who has been in martial arts for 33 years, we experienced a gentle man who is extremely humble. We had the opportunity to meet several of the other coaches and students, all of whom were kind and courteous, ready to help in anyway possible. We spent two great evenings with the guys over at Ironside got to meet some new people, and provide them with a video they were proud of! If only they were closer to my house so I could train there!

- Aaron

Ironside Martial Arts MMA Gym is located in Bedford Tx and is run by Sina Hadad. Coach Sina is a third degree black belt in Judo with 33 years experience and a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt. Sina has 7 years Muay Thai boxing experience and over eleven years coaching experience.