Mother's Day Giveaway

Wow! What an exciting week it has been around here. First of all I want to thank everyone who participated in the Mother's Day Giveaway, especially all your friends and family who endured a week of FB newsfeeds flooded with request for votes... you all ROCK!!  The last few hours were insane, some participants were offering giveaways of their own in exchange for votes, others posted videos of themselves (wont mention names) breakdancing!!   he he..  In the end, the couple with the most "Likes" and the winners of the giveaway.....

Michelle & Ticho


... and it happened to be Ticho's Birthday yesterday!!   Now how cool is that?

Michelle and Ticho,  your friends and family seem to think you all are pretty amazing people, I've read all the sweet comments and encouraging words posted on your entry and I CANNOT wait to meet you!!!


PS... I really wish I could just document every one of the participants births for free, but I just can't!!!  However if any of you all are interested, I am going to offer you all 2 discounted Birth Stories - One at 50% and the other at 25%  - These will be first come, first serve, and must be secured by May 31st. Email me for more details if you are interested!!