Giveaway Submission & Announcement

First off the announcement... I have decided to extend the giveaway to Mom's due beyond Aug 15th, 2011 however their submission would be contingent on my availability to actually be at their birth, so if you were wanting to enter but your due date is past Aug 15th, 2011 just send me an email with your EDD if I am available I will consider your submission as well. IMPORTANT: You must be currently pregnant!!! :) Now on to submissions, I wanted to share with you the entries I receive because I think it will be nice to celebrate all these fabulous mamas!! So, here is the first brave entry... and I must say this one tugged at my heart strings, having had my first child soon after the passing of my Mom, I know how hard it is to not have a parent present during such an important part of your life, I know this will be a bittersweet event, but pray that their home will be filled with much joy at the arrival of this precious little life.

Ok, so enough already... Meet Michelle!

My name is Michelle! My husband, Ticho, and I are expecting our first child near June 23rd (our due date)! We will be having the baby (whose gender is unknown until birth) at a Birthing Center! We are EXTREMELY excited!

A little about us: We will have been married 4 years this summer and have been together a total of 9 years in October! Besides working and volunteering at our church, my husband plays guitar in a christian rock band (Planning Yesterday) which also serves as an outreach ministry. I have my degree in Fiber Arts and love creating with my hands! My husband is not only a guitar player but a certified Luthier (guitar repairer/maker).

This past December a tragic occurrence happened in my family. My father passed away at the young age of 59 of a sudden heart attack. Our baby would have been his first grandchild. It has been extremely hard for me and my family but the Lord has helped us through it. I just keep telling myself He gives and takes away. Having this baby, I think will restore some joy in me and my family's life.

With this being our first birth, I think it would be INCREDIBLE to have video footage of the process of labor and delivery that we could cherish forever! Since I will probably be unaware of my surroundings at the time, having this video will allow me to be able to soak in the whole experience and even notice what else was going on at the time that I might not have been aware of. Most importantly, I also think being able to share this video with my dad's family in California would be a wonderful way for them to experience the joy that we have been placed in our lives.

Thank you for giving us this awesome opportunity! We greatly appreciate the work you do and hope your business continues to be blessed!


Michelle & Ticho

Stay tuned... more submissions to come!