Final Entry

I am so excited, our final entry came in just a couple of hours before the deadline and of course it's another deserving couple!!! I was hoping to "narrow down" the entries (if needed) to 5 finalist, so I am glad that is the exact amount we received, because that means they all get a chance a and the decision is up to all of you and their friends and family!!! I'll be away from my computer most of the day today, so I'll post their pictures on facebook tomorrow and the voting will begin, then... for now meet Orlinda and Wilton!

My Name is Orlinda and my husband is Wilton. We are expecting our first child on July the 24th and we will be giving birth at a hospital here in TX. Our Story Wilton and I have been married since August the 12th of 2007. Our journey began when we met in America in the year 2000, and even though we both grew up in Zimbabwe our paths had never crossed! We’re excited as this is our first child, and we would like for this experience to be memorable and share it with as many of our family members as possible. We have been blessed to be surrounded with loving friends and family here in the United States of America, but unfortunately our parents do not live here with us. Wilton’s parents live in Zimbabwe; my parents live in Dublin Ireland and my grandmother who is the only grandmother living between the two of us lives in Zimbabwe. Winning this awesome package would mean a lot to us and our family as this could be the only chance they have of sharing this one time experience with us. Our daughter will be the second grandchild on both sides, but the first granddaughter to both families and we know that everyone is looking forward to her arrival. We look forward to sharing our wonderful birth story with them if we win this package!