Kailah & Aliyah - Birth Photography - DFW

Last week I received a phone call from my midwife, she said she had a lady in labor who was looking for a photographer, she thought of me and wondered if I would be willing to come photograph the birth... or I should say births, it was twin baby girls.

A few weeks prior I had emailed my midwife along with a few other friends to tell them about my desire to do birth photography. I had been really trying to figure out what type of photography I really wanted to do, and while I like portraits, it was the idea of capturing a moment that I really love... I just don't think I am good at creating a moment.

Those who know me know that I am also very passionate about natural birth, if not more than photography, so naturally I figured that would be something I would really enjoy, I was pretty sure I would love capturing a birth story, but it wasn't until I actually did it, that I realized I just LOVED IT!!

... so back to the phone call, I of course jumped at the opportunity, I was so excited and just thrilled to be there...

The beautiful babies arrived on different dates. Baby Kailah was born in water on 4/28/10 at 11:57, she weighed 5lbs 10 oz and baby Aliyah was born on the bed on 4/29/10 at 12:09 am and weighed 5 lbs 8 oz.

Here are a few pictures of the labor and birth...