Coming up for air...

Things have been slow around the blog lately... but I've been submerged in a sea of videos for the last 4 months!! Over the last two years I have made some amazing friends and have enjoyed being part of a growing community of natural birth advocates.  While it's no secret that I have been filming and photographing births for a few years, I have spoken little of my passion for natural birth.  I won't go into that, suffice it to say that I believe in a woman's ability to give birth naturally and have enjoyed giving these women a way to remember and cherish that event for years to come.  Having said that, when my friend Donna Ryan, a Childbirth Educator, asked if I would be interested in helping out with this project, I was more than thrilled to be a part.

You can learn all about this project at

So what was my role in this project?

Donna's desire was to make Childbirth Education accessible to people all over the world, by having her classes online.

The Birth Boot Camp curriculum is comprised of 10 -2 hour long classes.  We didn't want her to just sit in front of the camera and talked for the 2 hours (I mean, I love my friend, but who wants to sit down and hear one person talk for that long, right?!?)  So, our approach was to make the classes documentary style.  While people will still listen to Donna talk quite a bit, we also included interviews with couples who have taken these classes, we interviewed birth professionals, such as Midwives, Chiropractors, Personal Trainers, Doulas, Massage Therapist... the list goes on!    Three weeks, and over 2 dozen interviews later... Oh and of course 2 months of sleepless nights editing, the project is complete and already showing great signs of success!

Of course it is a paid program, so I can't show you the classes, however here are a couple of the videos we made for their main site.


Now, back to more editing... More projects soon to come, stay tuned!!