Birthday Girl!

Wow!  I can't believe a year has gone by since this little girl came in to our lives and changed us yet again!!

My Sydney is the happiest little girl ever, always in a hurry to go places, climb on things but never too busy to stop and do a little dance when the music comes on.

A year ago today I was excited, anxious, desperate to meet her face to face, and yet terrified of what I would do with a little girl, wether I could love her as much as our son, etc, etc...  Well, within seconds of her birth I knew my love had multiplied, and as far as what I would do with a little girl?  I've found out there are lots of fun things to do with a little girl... my favorite - shopping!!  ;)

Sydney you have filled our lives with so much joy and I can't possibly imagine life without you!

Happy birthday girly!!