3 More Days to Enter

Just a quick reminder, only three more days to submit your entries for this giveaway!!! Here is another entry, meet Shannon!

My name is Shannon, and I am currently planning my third birth sometime in August (we are due mid-August, so sometime in August seems a safe bet, right?). I'm planning a homebirth this time, my third place to birth, with my third baby. #1 was in a hospital, and #2 was in a birth center. My husband and kids, and a few of my friends, as well as my birth team will be there.

My birth center birth was the first time I had a photographer present for my birth, although barely. She sadly only had one picture of me in labor (in the tub at the bitter end) and my face is completely hidden. My video camera spent the day in our overnight bag, no exciting footage coming from the inside of the bag.

I remember the way I felt, sort of, but it seems like the memory is slipping as each day goes by, and I don't have much to remember it by (especially labor...). I am thankful for the images I got, but sad that her not being there was a big part of my last birth. I am hopeful that we can capture this birth in every way possible, and would LOVE LOVE LOVE to have a video montage to share.