Fiona & Daisy

One of the wonderful things about working in the "birth world" is the amazing sense of community. I mean you can't really help it right? You spend hours, sometimes days at a time together. You help women in the most intimate and vulnerable of times. You cry together, laugh together, witness little miracles, and in the process hearts are bonded. Fiona and Daisy were born into such a community. Their mother is an amazing midwife who had planned for a home birth. While Fiona decided to position herself in such a way that a cesarean section was necessary, this lovely community of providers came together to welcome them in as gentle a way as possible. The room was filled with joy and laughter, as we celebrated their long awaited arrival!

Meet Fiona and Daisy, born via a family centered cesarean, surrounded by her natural family and her "birthy" family!

Isla Ray

Oh, there are so many things I love about the work I get to do.  One of the many, is watching families grow! I still remember the day I met this sweet couple, they were so excited, expecting their first little one. The walls in their home were covered with photos, some of their wedding and others of the time they had spent together...  I remember the day their first born, Rumi came into the world, this gorgeous couple instantly and gracefully slipped into their new roles as parents...  Now, as they welcomed their second little girl, I walked away with a smile, knowing in that little home now lives a family of four.  A strong and courageous Mother, a sweet loving Father, and two precious little girls who are treasured and loved.

Meet little Isla Ray!

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Four Generations...

I'm sure I don't have to tell you what a rare and wonderful occurrence it is to have 4 generations present in one place! When a family first hires me to capture their little-one's birth, they fill out a questionnaire about their birth plan and what will be important for me to capture; it's interesting how different that looks from one family to the next.

When I was reading through Candace's answers, she mentioned that their parent's and grandparents would be coming to the birth center immediately after the birth, and how important it was to them for me to capture their presence.   At first I was surprised that they would be coming at all, then I thought of what a special time that would be; an experience that really only few get to have.  Having lost my mom before any of my kids were born, one of my grandmas a little over a year ago, and having family scattered all over the US, it was not hard for me to recognize how valuable their presence that day would be.

The morning Candace called me to let me know she was in labor, I had a feeling it would go quickly!  I kept waiting for the call saying they were headed to the birth center, as I would be meeting them there.  I waited and waited, but I had a gut feeling things were happening and change would come quickly.  In my years attending births I have learned to not ignore that feeling! I was told they would be heading there "soon" but over an hour had passed and still I waited for the call saying, go!  I finally decided, I would just start heading towards the birth center, and of course as I was half way there I got the call, saying they were rushing there.

I arrived at the birth center and the midwives were preparing the birth room and on high alert hoping they would make it to the birth center before having a baby.  Thankfully they made it, with about 10 minutes to spare! :)   Yes, so far this is the shortest time I have been at a labor!    I'm not going to lie, I was a bit concerned about how I would put together a birth film with less than 10 minutes of labor footage... But remember those grandparents I told you about?  Well, when I finally sat down to edit this film, I was so grateful for only 10 min of labor! There were so many other special moments that made up that day, I really had a hard time condensing it to these few minutes!

A lot of my birth films focus heavily on the mother's strength, and celebrate their courage and beauty during the labor process. Candace, was beautiful, courageous and no doubt labored gracefully, but their birth film really celebrates their loving family, and their joy as they welcome a little one into their clan!

I keep thinking of how cool it will be when Kalleigh has children of her own and she is able to not only share her birth day with her family, but share her grandparents and great-grandparents!!!

Thank you Candace and Cody, for trusting me to tell your sweet Kalleigh's birth story!

Intuitive Mothering

I know I say this often, but it's so true! One of my favorite things about doing what I do, is getting to meet so many wonderful people!! I met Hannah a few years ago as we both volunteered for our local birth network. She is one of the sweetest persons I've ever met, and being asked to capture and share what her lifework is all about was just an honor.

It is a beautiful thing to watch people be successful and comfortable in what they are meant to do, Hannah is definitely one of those people.

Take a peek at her work, and learn more about her over at

Beckham's 1st Birthday!

If you were around at all last year you've heard about my handsome little nephew Beckham, he is quite the little fighter! After a roller coaster ride not knowing if he would live to celebrate his 1st Birthday, I was honored and overjoyed to film his birthday party last month.  It was beautiful and thought you guys would enjoy watching it. To see lots of beautiful photos and keep up with the latest on little Beckham, be sure to visit


Rocco Arlevius

I got to welcome this itty bitty little guy on Wednesday!   His mom labored beautifully and since he decided to come just a few weeks early,  the birth tub was set up in the middle of the room under construction...  As the photographer I couldn't complain, beautiful light coming from all sides!! Welcome to the world little guy!


The Birth of Liam Brant

A few months ago I started training my good friend and now associate cinematographer Christina, remember? we showed you Ladori's Birth Story which we filmed together. Well, this one she captured all on her own, and I am so happy with all the great footage she captured, she made the editing go quite smoothly. It was very different editing a birth I didn't attend, but one thing was quite clear from reviewing all the footage... This woman is a ROCK!! She endured long hours of labor to bring her little one into the world, and even after having to be transferred she worked hard to welcome little Liam into their loving arms.

I love watching couples turn in to a family and couldn't be happier for this sweet little family. Liam was welcomed by his loving parents and surrounded by a wonderful birth team!

Congratulations Lindsay & Greg!!


Filmed by: Christina Bunger Edited by: Ceci Jane Music: Analog by Steven Gutheinz. Licensed through The Music Bed. Attended by the midwives at All About Babies Doula: Jamie Hinton

The Birth of Rumi Joon

In case you haven't noticed, I have some pretty amazing clients!  I mean, aren't all the families I blog about just the sweetest?  What can I say?  A perk of my job is I get to meet wonderful people, LOVE IT! This little family is no exception, Kari is gorgeous both inside and out, it's no wonder Jason just adores her!!   I LOVED  witnessing the love these two have for each other and their beautiful Rumi Joon!

The birth was assisted by the wonderful ladies at MotherMe Doulas and MotherMe Midwifery.


Music:"Your First Light My Eventide" by The Echelon Effect.  Licensed through: The Music Bed

"You're So Precious..."

I have started this blog, time and time again. The right words just fail me.  Some of you who know me and follow me on facebook, have surely heard about my adorable little nephew and his hard working little heart. For those of you who haven't, Beckham was diagnosed with HLHS a heart defect that required he have open heart surgery at only a few days old, and a couple of more in the next months and year.  His story has amazed us all and we are so in love with him, you can follow it on facebook at Beats for Beckham.


Seeing families grow is an absolutely amazing experience, nothing compares really, but witnessing my little brother's family grow was just THE BEST!!!!   After Beckham's diagnosis, all their plans for a home birth had to be abandoned, and Lindsey was faced with talk about cesareans, inductions, etc...  Beckham however had other plans  :)
He decided to spare his mommy the stress of all that and chose his own birth day 4 weeks before.  When he decided he was coming, there was no turning back, this little guy was ready to be in his mom's arms!
Lindsey was able to have the natural birth she had wanted for her little guy and she labored beautifully!


Lindsey and Beto, I hope you never forget how strong an amazing you are, I love you guys, and my lil' Becks!


OK, OK... (if you haven't already) you may click play now!!....  Oh, and don't forget to grab some tissues, trust me, you'll need them!  :)



Elliana Lily

Over the last couple of years I have been fortunate to meet some wonderful women.  It's been an amazing and life changing experience to be a part of a community of women who are passionate about birth and providing a safe environment for mothers to welcome their little ones. Women who have dedicated their lives to bringing change to the way we view birth and who in turn get to witness miracles day after day! Melody is one of these women.  The very first births I photographed were attended by her as the midwife and I am just in awe of her love and care for women even despite her own struggles with infertility.    What a happy day when I found out she was expecting a little one of her own and what an honor to be asked to capture it all.

Sweet Elliana was born on Easter Sunday, at home, surrounded by so much love!

(read Melody's account of Elliana's birth here)

Melody what a joy to witness the birth of your beautiful Elliana, thank you!!

It's a Boy!

I absolutely love being at surprise births, there is always so much joy in finally getting to find out if they have a boy or a girl. This birth was probably one of the shortest ones I've been at, and we were all glad we made it in plenty of time. The atmosphere at their home was just so calm and serene as their little one made his way out, and it was so fun to see big sister and big brother come and meet sweet Emerson.

Enjoy the sweet arrival of Emerson Isaac.

The Birth of Knox

It is not unusual for me to get inquiries from expectant moms... oh, you know, a month before their EDD.  Heather, on the other hand, contacted me before she was even pregnant, then again as soon as she had conceived.  It seemed like a long time before we actually got to meet little Knox and it was a joy to get to know a little more about Heather while we waited.  I love being in touch with Mom's through out their pregnancy, it makes that  birth day that much sweeter for me. I was so excited when Heather finally texted me that labor had started, and again when it was time for me to come meet them at Beautiful Beginnings Birth Center. When I arrived she was out for a walk, then they returned and she continued to labor beautifully.  Brandon did a great job at making her smile as well as being right by her side as things intensified.   The evening progressed and anxious family members begun to arrive.  Heather's mom was also amazing, she is a massage therapist, so she was right there helping her out.

It was a long evening, but there was a birth center full of joy when little Knox finally made his arrival.

Enjoy Knox's Birth Story...

Filmed by: Ceci | Edited by: Ceci | Music: Ceiling Hung With Vines by Lowercase Noises. Licensed by The Music Bed. | Birth Team: Beautiful Beginnings Birth Center

She's a Mommy!

Part of the joy I find in documenting such precious times in a family's life, is the inspiration I walk away with. Jennifer and Sam's 57 hour labor inspired me in ways I can't begin to express. While I wasn't there for all those hours, I did put in my good share of hours with them and LOVED every minute of it. There is something amazing about seeing a couples trust in the birth process, especially first time parents. Jennifer's trust in her body and Sam's constant support were a breath of fresh air... even in the wee hours of the morning. They were supported by a wonderful group of midwives, sweet friends, and their loving family. Ladori, your mommy worked hard to bring you into the world and she did it with so much grace, here is a glimpse at what that day(s) was like.

Filmed by: Christina & Ceci | Edited by: Ceci | Music: You are Gold by The Candlepark Stars. Licensed by The Music Bed. | Birth Team: Edenway Birthing Center

This film means something else for Ceci Jane, some of you know I have been training someone to join me in filming births. Well I am super proud to say, that while I was there to film this birth, my new associate Christina shot 90% of what you see. While I will continue to do all the editing, I am happy to say that there are now 2 of us available to film births and you can expect the same quality of work! This will not only allow us to have a "back up" but it will also allow us to take more births, which will in turn allow us to do it more affordably. More details to come soon, just had to share the basics, if you are interested in having Christina at your birth you can use the contact form to request more info.


DFW Birth Photography

Hope has a heart!!!

Back in May I had the privilege of filming the birth of Mandy and Jesse’s beautiful baby girl McKenzie. It was a happy day as they welcomed this gorgeous little girl into their family.However, concern about a lethargic baby soon turned to a 911 call and an effort to save baby McKenzie’s life! After arriving at the hospital, the situation again took a turn for the worse – and every families nightmare of long days in the hospital with a sick child soon became a very harsh reality. My heart was torn for them, and I wanted to help. So I offered to help by putting together this video for them to tell their story and spread the word, and raise funds. A family should never have to go through a nightmare like this, but when it does happen; it is a beautiful thing to see the support of good hearted people who are willing to help in any way possible, they have felt the support and prayers from family, friends and even complete strangers.

Here is McKenzie Hope's story and how you can help!

First – watch the video, meet sweet McKenzie, and hear her story.

Second – Help the family spread the word, share this video on FB, twitter and any social network you can.

Three - if you can, please donate to help McKenzie and her family.

Mae Burke Photography

Well, it's August, which means many things... Summer is almost over, my birthday is coming soon, it's crazy HOT in Texas, and it's National Breastfeeding Awareness Month!!! So, I though it would be fitting so share with you a little promo video I created for Mae over at Mae Burke Photography.

She is a super talented photographer that is passionate about showing the world the beauty of breastfeeding.  

But I'll let her tell you all about it... Introducing the FABULOUS, Mae Burke!!!


Girl, Boy, Girl, Boy...

April was a busy month, with lots of little sweet babies! This little one was particularly special.  I met his mom Elizabeth a couple of years ago when I had first started shooting births, she has been a birth photographer for many years.  I attended her workshop and we have developed a friendship/mentorship ever since. She was one of the first to encourage me when I filmed my first birth, and has just been a great friend all along.  When you meet Elizabeth, you just can't help but love her.

When she told me a few months back she was pregnant I was so excited for her and her sweet family...  They are all as sweet as her!  Then she asked if I would film her birth... Hmmm, let me think. UH, YEAH!!!    Needless to say I was honored to be there with her and to be able to present her with a keepsake of that special day.

It was a long day, and while she has always had difficult labors, this little one gave her a run for her money.  We all were sure he was going to be an April fools baby, until the clock hit 10:30pm and still no baby.  But, like any good April fools joke, he decided to cooperate at the last minute and made it before midnight!

Grab some tissue and enjoy the arrival of baby Owen!

Music: Till the Stars Burn Out by Kerry Muzzey. Licensed through The Music Bed


Emily and Justin

We had the amazing opportunity to meet Emily and Justin a friendly and fun loving couple who had a spectacular wedding! From the majestic 3 story chapel to the reception at Hickory Street Annex, everything seemed to be exactly what they wanted as they started their new life together. It is always fun to be a part of a couple’s wedding day, but when joy comes through someone's smile like Emily's that day, it is a reminder of the wild abandon that is true love and takes the experience for us as cinematographers to another level.

Thank you Emily and Justin for allowing us to be a part of your day, it was an honor to create your wedding film.

Music licensed by The Music Bed   Beautifully photographed by Lindsey & Beto Photography

If you need or know someone who needs a wedding videographer, we would love to hear from you! Please send us a message!