Hello, I'm Ceci

I live in the Dallas, TX area with my crazy little family. I've been married to my best friend since 2003 and we have shared some of life’s greatest blessings and hardships which have made us stronger and have drawn us closer together. I have 3 energetic, inquisitive, loving and down right adorable little ones who call me mama, and who I love deeply.

My days are spent, changing diapers, feeding 3 little mouths, homeschooling, and squeezing my photography work in between the madness. Our life is nothing extraordinary… We love popcorn and movie nights, going for walks to the park and making chocolate chip cookies!

Over the last 5 years I've been honored to witness and film the awe inspiring miracle of birth. I find great joy in capturing these life changing events over and over again; but I've also learned to appreciate the beauty in everyday life.  It has been a journey, one full of self doubt, comparison and waiting to have the picture perfect life.  

Somehow in that spiral of self destruction I learned that I already had that life...  No, it did not look like my favorite pinterest board, or the popular instagram feed, but there was still beauty to be found in it.  I learned that one photo session cannot fully reflect my life, my story - it is but a chapter in it.  

I love telling stories, authentic stories, ones that will be shared for years to come. It's my desire to show you the beauty in your current chapter. It may not be your dream life (yet!), but maybe seeing the beauty in it will help you appreciate the journey, live fully in this chapter, and embrace the next one with open arms!

I can't wait to capture the beauty in your life!

Ceci Jane