The Birth of Hudson Behr

Telling these stories is always an honor, I feel so lucky to be trusted in such intimate, raw, and vulnerable moments, but when it's my nephew's story I'm getting to share, my heart just wants to burst! 

Six weeks ago today, this little guy decided to make his sweet little face known, and when he did he was not messing around, he was in a hurry to get here!

The joy of Hudson's arrival came hand-in-hand with grief, welcoming him into the world while feeling the huge void his big brother Beckham has left was a bittersweet experience. 

Joy, grief, happiness, heartache… 

Lindsey & Beto, thank you once again for letting us into your home and your hearts.

Beckham, your short life has left such an imprint in this world, I know your little brother will know you and your brave heart!

Hudson, you are so loved!!   

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