Four Generations

I’m sure I don’t have to tell you what a rare and wonderful occurrence it is to have 4 generations present in one place!

When a family first hires me to capture their little-one’s birth, they fill out a questionnaire about their birth plan and what will be important for me to capture; it’s interesting how different that looks from one family to the next.

When I was reading through Candace’s answers, she mentioned that their parent’s and grandparents would be coming to the birth center immediately after the birth, and how important it was to them for me to capture their presence.   At first I was surprised that they would be coming at all, then I thought of what a special time that would be; an experience that really only few get to have.  Having lost my mom before any of my kids were born, one of my grandmas a little over a year ago, and having family scattered all over the US, it was not hard for me to recognize how valuable their presence that day would be.

The morning Candace called me to let me know she was in labor, I had a feeling it would go quickly!  I kept waiting for the call saying they were headed to the birth center, as I would be meeting them there.  I waited and waited, but I had a gut feeling things were happening and change would come quickly.  In my years attending births I have learned to not ignore that feeling! I was told they would be heading there “soon” but over an hour had passed and still I waited for the call saying, go!  I finally decided, I would just start heading towards the birth center, and of course as I was half way there I got the call, saying they were rushing there.

I arrived at the birth center and the midwives were preparing the birth room and on high alert hoping they would make it to the birth center before having a baby.  Thankfully they made it, with about 10 minutes to spare!  Yes, so far this is the shortest time I have been at a labor!    I’m not going to lie, I was a bit concerned about how I would put together a birth film with less than 10 minutes of labor footage…
But remember those grandparents I told you about?  Well, when I finally sat down to edit this film, I was so grateful for only 10 min of labor! There were so many other special moments that made up that day, I really had a hard time condensing it to these few minutes!

A lot of my birth films focus heavily on the mother’s strength, and celebrate their courage and beauty during the labor process. Candace, was beautiful, courageous and no doubt labored gracefully, but their birth film really celebrates their loving family, and their joy as they welcome a little one into their clan!

I keep thinking of how cool it will be when Kalleigh has children of her own and she is able to not only share her birth day with her family, but share her grandparents and great-grandparents!!!

Thank you Candace and Cody, for trusting me to tell your sweet Kalleigh’s birth story!