Fiona and Daisy

One of the wonderful things about working in the “birth world” is the amazing sense of community. I mean you can’t really help it right? You spend hours, sometimes days at a time together. You help women in the most intimate and vulnerable of times. You cry together, laugh together, witness little miracles, and in the process hearts are bonded. 

Fiona and Daisy were born into such a community. Their mother is an amazing midwife who had planned for a home birth. While Fiona decided to position herself in such a way that a cesarean section was necessary, this lovely community of providers came together to welcome them in as gentle a way as possible. The room was filled with joy and laughter, as we celebrated their long awaited arrival!

Meet Fiona and Daisy, born via a family centered cesarean, surrounded by her natural family and her
“birthy” family!