A beautiful day to have a baby!

I'm so excited to share this next film with you guys. I met Audrey and James a couple of years ago, I thought they were the sweetest young couple, so excited to meet their new baby. We chatted over coffee and I just fell in love with them. I was honored to be there and film the birth of their precious Olivia Grace and Audrey and I have stayed in touch ever since...

Fast forward to last summer when she messaged me to tell me they were expecting again and wanted me to be there for this little one's arrival! I was SOOOO excited, but I had to respond with, "I have good news and bad news" I too was expecting and our due dates were so close together, I was sad. Thankfully, my good friend and associate videographer Christina was available to film their birth. We agreed she would be filming it and I would be editing.

The day finally came and I knew Christina was there with them, I have to admit I was a bit jealous! She was giving me updates and telling me how beautiful the light was and how sweet they all were... I wasn't able to be there myself, but my heart was there with them.

When I got all the footage and sat down to edit, I enjoyed getting to see my friend bring yet another little miracle into the world. Audrey did an amazing job, surrounded by James and her awesome birth team, the light was just perfect, it truly was a beautiful day to have a baby and Christina captured it stunningly!

Enjoy the birth story of Norah Annelise!